Pep Guardiola Believes that Manchester City is Strong Enough to Survive the Transfer Ban by FIFA

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City doesn’t have any doubt about the fact that the club will be able to deal with the potential ban on Transfer. The champion of Premier League is going to encounter a FIFA embargo after signing in players for 2 transfer window.

The governing body of the world is going to investigate the club in regards to the 8 players under 18 years of age being signed for potential infringement of the rules of third-party ownership.

Chelsea, their Premier League rivals have been hit with a ban on transfer there has been a breach in the regulation of FIFA on the status of players and the transfer. When Guardiola has been asked if the city squad had been good enough for handling such a sanction, he said that obviously, they can and that the squad is really good.

FIFA has not commented regarding the status of the investigation. A spokesperson of FIFA has stated that they do not have any comment regarding the matter at this stage. Further updates are going to be given by FIFA with time.

Manchester City is going to encumber the test of their strength as the club will play against Swansea in the quarter-finals of FA Cup without few players such as Fernandinho, John Stones, Benjamin Mendy, Kevin De Bruyne, and Vincent Kompany. A stone from center-back is still suffering from a groin injury, irrespective of being on the bench in the midweek against Schalke. Also, he is going to miss out on the future matches of England with Montenegro and the Czech Republic.

Guardiola has mentioned that they do not have too many players. John Stones had been on the bench but he is not ready to play. He is in recovery.