MCFC Chairman Khaldoon scores a hatrick !


Online video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “MCFC Chairman Khaldoon scores a hatrick !”


    Feed the Mubarak and he´╗┐ will cash it up ­čśŤ

  2. Timur Ali

    Not bad to have your Chairman,who loves the game,and not´╗┐ all that bad skills either.That first touch to set up the goal was not bad at all!

  3. 94hamoody

    oooooooooooooooh´╗┐ he is talented

  4. FUTrading

    Why´╗┐ does he run like he’s shat himself?

  5. Majed Rostom

    its´╗┐ a friendly game F1 stars vs UAE all stars

  6. aria gardhadipura

    damn, you got skills! haha´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  7. Alex Sand

    Feed´╗┐ the Mubarak

  8. lu dae

    Khaldoon Al Mubarak can be´╗┐ a MCFC footballer and win the title with them

  9. David Bendle

    quite a´╗┐ good finisher tbf

  10. Twi11ig

    K├╝n Khaldoon. ´╗┐

  11. Gavin Morrissey

    Chunky? He is still slimmer than Tevez! Sign´╗┐ him up.

  12. Gavin Morrissey

    He didnt score a hatrick?!!! He scored´╗┐ a brace.

  13. hancunningham

    wow awesome teamwork for that´╗┐ last own goal!

  14. feorix182

    pretty badass!!!

  15. MidnightPandaEater

    get this kid´╗┐ signed!

  16. Cayuella

    Nossa que BOSTA de jogo ,at├ę jogo de varzea de´╗┐ qualquer lugar do BRASIL ├ę mais emocionante que essa bosta,sem falar que esses cara ganham puta grana pra jogar nos emirados arabes ,catar,sei la,nem torcida tem ,como gostam de queimar dinheiro.

  17. k4mru7

    Pretty nice finishes if I’m honest, but on the chunky side though
    Then again he’s worth like 3 billion quid so I guess he’s allowed to´╗┐ be haha

  18. YID1282

    he scored 2´╗┐ goals not 3. the third was a vitaly petrov own goal

  19. Jason16Lynch

    You cant possibly count the last one as his goal, hit the keeper went in off the defender,´╗┐ own goal

  20. JoeDanish

    Biggest fix ever lolololol. The guys rich as fuck but surely hes not that stupid? “Everybodys letting me through….. I AM MESSI”´╗┐

  21. MyReal Dad

    England´╗┐ 1-0 Spain

  22. wilsonredjj

    he got 2, the 3rd was an own´╗┐ goal.

  23. LibyanNationalArmy

    Dumbass, it’s a charity game ! Why would it be fixed ? And The White Team are UAE Football stars and the other team are F1 stars……So deffinatly theres going to be a difference in playing football´╗┐

  24. Nenad Matijevic

    This game is sooooo´╗┐ fixed. Black/white guys are not even trying!

  25. TheAmbrosione

    why F1 driver can play soccer and soccaros´╗┐ cant race ? this is not fair