MCFC Awards 2012 – Etihad Player of the Year


Online video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “MCFC Awards 2012 – Etihad Player of the Year”

  1. ryandickinson4

    De Gea £17m (Breaks British transfer fee for goalkeeper)
    Ferdinand £30m (Breaks British transfer fee)
    Rooney £25.6m
    Young between £15m and £20m
    RVP £24m
    Jones could go above £20m
    Valencia £16m

    All clubs buy success. Find another place to vent your jealousy

  2. ryandickinson4

    Everyone knows that and no one cares. The only difference between them and, say, United is that United have been rich for longer so their spending on big players has been spread out. Almost everyone in United’s starting 11 came to the club on a big money deal. The fact that, in City’s case, the spending was condensed to within a few years makes absolutely no difference- all clubs buy success.

  3. 74mancity


  4. 74mancity

    viewfinder is really bored, haven’t you got something better to do… Like shooting.


    @viewfinder777 You’ve got to spend money to get to the top mate

  6. hdpylaconchadelalora

    the song???? it´s a cover song???

  7. MessiTevezHiguain

    Neither do you … Wtf did you say… He has only been there for a couple of months. Relax.

  8. Megadeth72

    30 goals in his first season, never get sent off, scored last minute winner

  9. Phil Simmonds

    Seems like such a nice bloke!

  10. 5238330

    kun never speak english even

  11. ghm107

    Take that back

  12. jeremy clark

    Scrap man

    Eat your fucking words mate. Well done city it’s been a pleasure watching you guys this season. Pity my team Newcastle came 5th.

  13. sicoticosandro

    i think after the goal of the championship you will shut your mouth and don’t even question the validity of this award.. Aguero is by far the most important player in Mcity

  14. Cesar Gonzalez

    Si porque los sponsors de los otros equipos de la premier son todos santos(se llama sarcasmo por si no lo entendés), como el mejor de todos los tiempos lo dijo alguna vez “la tienen adentro” y se las puso el kun Agüero para colmo.

  15. MW3EliteClan

    If u want to watch history follow United, but if u want to make history follow MANCHESTER CITY!

  16. FrizFroz

    Gotta say, even though Aguero won the award it could have so easily gone to anyone else. All these players on the list really made a substantial impact. Kompany is better than any other defender in the PL except for maybe Vidic, Yaya Toure is among the true box to box midfielders in the world, Hart is the current best goalkeeper in the PL and England, Silva faded out at the end but dazzled with his magics at the first half of the season.

  17. Gabriel Kwong

    your’re retarded. 

  18. scrapman999

    PS.forgot to mention we are gonna beat sunderland 3-0…what not another championship………

  19. scrapman999

    Its not over till the fat bastards start singing…. come on QPR…1-1 would be great ..Joey Barton 91st luv it. Allways look on the bright side of life, glory glory Man Utd…..

  20. Sacha Visser


  21. saood vidal

    Grande KUN

  22. cawthy07

    The pathetic thing is they almost certainly will be, they probably only came on here just to dislike it the sad red cunts

  23. Usman Ahmed

    those 3 people are man u fans

  24. catty2378

    dont really have much to say. apart from i am a city fan (obviously) and aguero is ssoooooo lush! my footy mcdreamy… we dont need the subtitles do we?lol

  25. Chetang Sherpa

    lol ur soo dum heyy.. u dnt noe soccer do u.. hav u seen his movement without the ball lol. his position is perfect , knows how to drag defender so his team mates can hav open run. against united 3-2 lost he was the best man on the pitch but united won wit penalty, against arsenal for fa cup he scored at 80th min to seal the win n against newcastle if u actually watched the game he had a big hand on those two goals yaya toure scored. yaya could hav scored 3 goalsss all comming frm aguero play.