21 thoughts on “MCFC 3rd Half Hangout with Patrick Vieira”

  1. How humble – Maybe not as decisive going forward, but you were better technically, and not only, Mr Vieira.

  2. blacks? sound like a racist yourself there
    and u just worry about holding your captains – and anybody else with any real talent in your squad
    John Terry’s stayed with us through some pretty outrageous contract offers even from Man C- so when the gooners find loyalty like that come back and place a reply

  3. fabregas is from the barca youth, gibbs,szesney,stuart taylor are no worldclass players…and just because a player say he supported you as a kid, doesnt mean its true, and doesnt mean shit anyways, arsenal did buy more than 90% of their players as well

  4. we produce our own players unlike man city. Ashley cole, jack wilshere, fabregas, kieran gibbs, sczesney, stuart taylor ALL came through arsenal youth ranks. they all were with arsenal from the age of 14, YES EVEN FABREGAS AND SCZESNEY joined arsenal as youth players. Henry and Van persie were brought but BOTH SUPPORTED ARSENAL AS KIDS. There is a video on youtube of van persie as a 17 year old in rotterdam, holland and he says his favourite team is arsenal, check it out. We develop our young

  5. you idiot. i didn’t come to this page to slag them off. i came to this page to watch an interview with an arsenal legend, PATRICK VIEIRA. Patrick was one of arsenal’s greatest ever players and i was looking for his greatest goals videos and i found this page. after reading through the comments, i saw some idiot “slagging off” my team about of lack of money and trophies, so i responded. why don’t you worry about preventing john terry from racially abusing anymore blacks, and stop focusing on me.

  6. man Im a CFC fan and I find it disgusting that you jump on another clubs page just to slag their fans – Good luck with what your trying to achieve!

  7. most of your players arent from london either, in fact wenger is known for not playing english players, henry,bergkamp,vanpersie,viera etc. he bought them all

  8. It is tough for us. We have two billionaire owners but we can’t spend like Citeh, Chelski or Manure. We have a self funded model man which means we have to run like a business and hopefully be profitable. Our board don’t want to change and that is why Kroenke can’t really do any crazy shit with his money. With the fair play coming the only maneuver is to have a naming right similar to Citeh were someone can pore in a couple hundred million pounds. I think our Emirates naming rights is shit.

  9. you don’t have to be a genius to figure out arsenal have no future…why do you think their best player leaves every season. sure partly for the money but also because they want to win silverware something which is unheard of during these few years for arsenal

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