18 thoughts on “Alex Ferguson Talks Man City, Van Persie, Mourinho & Ronaldo”

  1. @geeksicle314 Yeah & Roy Keanes signing a four year deal for Liverpool next week. Hes only costing us 32M.

  2. Can you guys tell me how I don’t understand what ferguson says? It should be because of that scottish accent….

  3. I doubt that to be honest. I really can’t see Fergie walking away in the summer, whereas Mourinho will be leaving Real Madrid according to everyone.

    My guess is come the beginning of next season. Mourinho will either be at:

    • PSG
    • Manchester City
    • Chelsea (unlikely)

    I personally think Jose will end up at PSG, with Carlo Ancelotti going the opposite way to Real Madrid.

  4. As a proud Liverpool fan, as much as I HATE man utd, I admit I have the upmost RESPECT for sir Alex for what he has done and achieved. He’s right up there with the greats Bill and Bob (Shankley and Paisley).

  5. Are you fucking deranged you sick blert?

    What a thoroughly despicable thing to say.

    Fine have rivalries with Man U, their fans & manager – but that comment is too fucking much.

    I suggest you fuck off. Be a good gimp. Get back in your fucking cage & wait for daddy gimp.


  6. Even as a Italian scouser, I have to admit, whatever the rivalries, he has been a top boss. Can’t blame you for being proud.

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