Making Of: Shotty Horroh (MCFC) v Blizzard (MUFC) Rap Battle


Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to “Making Of: Shotty Horroh (MCFC) v Blizzard (MUFC) Rap Battle”

  1. xxKickxxLikexxRooney

    so when shotty is a shitty supporter, why has he got a red phone?

  2. TheMrniceguy10101

    yep complete shit

  3. simplesquare1

    1:41 after what song is that ? :))

  4. chutt ni

    you obviously haven’t heard his tracks man

  5. x141louis

    Blue moon broo

  6. cuzins9

    shotty horroh – more like shitty horrible rapper. i cant do a shitty freestyle cos i aint got my phone on me and its got ma bars in it. tosspot

  7. martyn john Ward


  8. aaabbbccc5518

    not more of these 2 tits who is telling them there good fuck me 2 right ugly shit rapping twats

  9. madeofstone95

    go watch ‘shotty horroh- fire in the booth’ or ‘shotty horroh vs arsonal’ then try say he cant rap, dudes a fucking beast

  10. 14Macca

    Mary D’s sorted out LTFC ricely before. Good place

  11. Tyger Hawk

    blizzard seems like a genuinely nice guy.

  12. shane rossbottom

    man utd till i die

  13. Kyran Rotheram

    2-3 <3<3

  14. ghm107

    Shotty was so bad that it made Man City lose

  15. drew mcpherson

    how the hell does shotty think he can think he can be a rapper

  16. iPREDiTO

    Man U – Blizzard Wins

  17. sasorisasori11

    “do we get paid today?” haha, you can tell he’s a city man 😛

  18. Average18yearold

    late, untalented douchebags. acting like they are celebrities when they are nobodys. Useless prima donna douchebags

  19. RawxZiiperZ

    Blizzard definitely won, but they’re both nice guys and both good rappers.