City v Watford: MCFC team arrival


Movie Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to “City v Watford: MCFC team arrival”

  1. AIbertB

    That bus was filled with CLASS.

  2. FeatherFinch1

    David Silva in a suit (: haha he’s freaking amazing they need to keep him

  3. shah harum

    Let’s Pantelimon play in FA CUP. Give him a chance Man….. he’s a great goalkeeper !

  4. Ahmed Al Shehab


  5. tombo4444

    daily mail subscriber right here

  6. tombo4444

    Who was booing Mario? go home!

  7. darksilentvoid

    Amazing team, and I super love Manchester City Football Club yes!

  8. afalie97

    I think that loud cheer was for both Tevez and Mario but idk cheers for everyone though!

  9. afalie97

    Finally david silva wears his tie haha

  10. TheVokality

    LOL why were mancity fans booing mario?!? Or was it watford fans, because that would make sense lol

  11. ThePendorlan

    Even know aguero is not in this video . You have got to feel for him as he is injured and just broke up with his wife…..who now lives in Madrid with his son

  12. ioFederix

    Epic balotelli arrival!

  13. Angusdeboca


  14. ads951632

    You horrrrrnnnnnnssssss

  15. Johnny Cac Nguyen

    How the hell can you give Lopez just 3 minutes? (Though he did good)

  16. odle

    wtf. Why don’t they even salute the fans?

  17. TrippyVideos4U

    hope city will put the match highlights up on their website

  18. csonginho

    he is still injured dude… if you don’t believe check his twitter account

  19. xwempin

    mario should stay but he has to change

  20. poolehart

    lol I meant the match. Couldn’t find a stream of it.

  21. LaBurek

    Anyone has stream, pm me

  22. Jake Levy

    312 veiwer

  23. Daniel Hart

    For the record, even tho Aguero has an injury he woud not have played because this is not a too important match, that means benchs and reserves are getting more time

  24. BJCobbledick

    And some boo’s