JOE HART WRAPS | Advent Calendar | December 10


Movie Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “JOE HART WRAPS | Advent Calendar | December 10”

  1. CourtenaySUFC Crawford


  2. nokaffirisinnocent

    IS that some gold spunk on harts beard!

  3. johny19CR7

    why the fuck are you here then?

  4. applecountry31


  5. persenthacken

    fuck off

  6. MijuRahman

    Love united…hate city

  7. Aaron Jones

    “oh, that’s ugly as sin, isn’t it?’

  8. xknight42x

    You boke it

  9. Nicolas Calderon

    Decent to you as well good sir!

  10. RaphaRules

    Forget DENCH Joe Hart’s Deeecent (Y)

  11. Giorgi Dograshvili

    0:23 Balotelli shows the middle finger to Joe Hart… xD

  12. bcfcfifa


  13. MrExtragamer

    Joe hart in the hotell with his girlfriend working hard!

  14. Lewis Hamilton


  15. Lewis Hamilton

    Wat an IDIOT. how can someone be so dumb!!

  16. Tristian Roberts

    I think Mario just stays for all the videos so that he doesnt have to train

  17. pearlkthoo

    Lmaoo Mario’s still telling the lady she broke the gift, he’s been saying that in 3 different videos now hahahah

  18. Matt Austin

    Mum and dad saw it as an “opportunity”. Suppose they were right in a sense.


    why did you go to australia?

  20. ChloeeWeaver

    Did a anyone else notice joe said “merry christmas to everyone at man city” not from everyone at man city hahahaha

  21. MedicOnDutyVids

    0:49 Who’s going to wrap the hula hoop? xD

  22. Schmidt Haesemayer

    Balotelli is still figuring how to wrap the presents

  23. Walsall FC

    win what?

  24. MrMackDH

    I subscribed to this channel just because of Balotelli

  25. BlauGranaAlaMort

    I would have much rather Joe Hart raps