25 thoughts on “ETIHAD A330-200 w/ MCFC LIVERY @ MANCHESTER AIRPORT”

  1. IMHO I am more than happy for that hangar to get in the way because it houses the ultimate in beautiful airliners. The world is slowing down; all the airliners since Concorde are subsonic (i.e. slow!). Having said that, the A330 IS one of the most graceful of these slow aeroplanes – I prefer its lines to that of the A340…and I like blue….and my father is a City fan 🙂 I must try and take him to see the MCFC jet sometime. Even better to actually fly on it!

  2. Sorry to get in the middle of this, but I feel your statement is a bit off. I think people do care. I mean, does it hurt to make the video better? I personally would prefer to watch a video with smooth panning and nice contrast verses a shaky video with boring light and colors. What blueb0g did was just provide to provide constructive criticism in a nice manner for mcpc to improve. And you came back with a rather rude reply. Suggest you read the last sentence of blueb0g’s reply.

  3. Ahaha, joke of the day so far. And while an amusing image, I assure you Jordi’s much better at editing than me… anyway, doesn’t matter any more, he’s taken his channel down. And “the only thing that matters is the plane” – no, that’s the MAIN thing. Doesn’t mean you can’t make it look a bit nicer, bumping up the saturation vegas takes about 4 seconds 😉 And there’s nothing wrong with chasing perfection, that’s how we improve… I suggest you cool it!

  4. Needs a bit more colour? Christ does it matter. You and GatwickSpotting are always like ‘Nice white balance’, ‘Great colour’, ‘Super Panning’ etc etc. Nobody really cares. The only thing that matters in an aviation video is the plane. I bet you and GatwickSpotting rim each other everytime you put out a new video because of your editing skills. Get a life. Your channel isn’t exactly turning subscribers and viewers away is it?

  5. funny how the stopping distance and the takeoff dist. are both the same… by eye ofcourse..

  6. Needs a bit more colour, and it’d be nice if you got a tripod too. Apart from that, nice video. 

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