INSIDE CITY 61: Super Bowl Arm Wrestle


Movie Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 61: Super Bowl Arm Wrestle”

  1. dannytroute14

    15:52, third boy from right is gay as christmas

  2. 524gta

    how about Kolarov

  3. luxio43

    Being American, i find this hilarious.

  4. FootyKicker23

    On the whistle pls sir ! AHAHHAHA

  5. HDTheMM

    Good, clean win on the arm wrestle for Micah.. Lescott lifted his elbow first!

  6. datboihassan

    5:05 HAHA right lets go watch some ‘POV’ porn.

  7. TheShnav

    Micah is the only reason most people are still subbed with balotelli gone

  8. Sabrermk42


  9. 1989cjp

    “All gear no idea from Lescott” haha class


    Lescott sounds indian

  11. afctwice

    micah’s the new balotelli

  12. dkellzam

    two vannys

  13. Gatut Sutomo

    Hahaha micah richard so funny!

  14. IdiotiRS

    @umyqmxm yes i know he is the best. between i am very glad that i got a jersey of NFL a high quality one without a dime

  15. rominda98

    You’re always welcome to join us at Goodison park Micah!

  16. rominda98

    2:26 Milner does a good American accent!

  17. jojo pancho

    It’s me or Lescott really love to show his body at the people?

  18. myotheraccount57

    Still a better quarterback than Romo

  19. BlueKidSwag

    Now this is what I’m talkin bout! Players emulating some REAL FOOTBALL!!!!

  20. jesper svensson

    Im a Spurs fan but i freaking love Richards! 😀 amazing player an hillarious man

  21. CrazyDanB97

    All the gear but no idea

  22. IAmSkyBlueHD

    Richards wins 🙂

  23. Matty Woodcock

    once you go black you never go back…

  24. Mynamesnigel

    Joleon Lescott’s voice is so fucking annoying

  25. brandonbassboi

    Anybody else think of white chicks scene with terry crews dancing with wistle when micah started dancing at 2:40 lol type “Terry Crews White Chicks Dance Scene” In youtube funny as haha