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25 Responses to “HART ON DRAW: CITY 2-2 LIVERPOOL”

  1. kissmyarse666

    Well Change Your Fucking Glasses hes the weakest link at city i have said this for some time now . Cant Save a Fucking Phone Number Hart <<<<<<<<<

  2. Bishx43

    hahaha man city are shit man utd have won the title this year you mad?

  3. will atherton

    joe hart is a keeper england finally have the save he did against bravil so brave and quailty

  4. Ashton0199

    Im black An look like all my black bro’sll Drake, Kid cudi, Marvin (JLS) David James Lmaooooo!!

  5. CourtenaySUFC Crawford

    he’s os honest i love him hes one of the best keeper ever he proved that in england match… Tonight!

  6. shah harum

    draw..draw..draw..draw..draw..draw..draw..draw..draw..draw..draw…very boring !!!

  7. bigboned316

    this guy should be city’s player-manager, he’s more grown up than the italian prick

  8. 3Lsurftac0

    It was a draw…

  9. claybonc

    he wouldve saved it in fifa

  10. Carl Jones

    remember when joe used to be good?… me neither.

  11. graffititagger16

    No, he is 6ft 5″ you spastic

  12. BrewThePoo

    Fully respect hart, I’m a massive Liverpool fan but he tells it how it is and try’s his hardest every game. (LFC fan)

  13. G Harding

    Catch the ball from crosses/corners Joe, the punching crap your doing is useless, dropped below your standards son, Raise your game !!!

  14. Matebebro

    iM LFC fun but u cant hate this guy !

  15. Kishore Sengupta

    69 million views in mccity channel……more than 50% r due to super mario…..we gonna miss u

  16. CF11Jacob

    bet gerrard terrorised hart at the england player of the year awards about his goal

  17. BoxingB0oda

    @Marc BelLin its a friendly mte

  18. BoxingB0oda

    @RatherFatJewishMan greedy jew claw

  19. BoxingB0oda

    @RatherFatJewishMan lol, 2or 3? Get ur facts right mate, ur probs not even a city fan! And he’s 6″5 so go suck a dick

  20. RatherFatJewishMan

    he is 6 foot 2 or 3 retard


    I tought a draw was all City deserved. Liverpool looked very confident. Playing Milner and Barry is maybe to consertive. Seems like City is lacking quality i would say. United has a worker and speedster in Valencia but city is playing Milner on the wing like he is an explosive figure.

  22. Henry Sleight

    No you

  23. BoxingB0oda

    6″5 mate

  24. BoxingB0oda

    future captain

  25. BoxingB0oda