24 thoughts on “Inner Circle – Sweat – MCFC Yaya/Kolo Chant”

  1. because its the funniest/shittest football chant known to man hahahaha your fanbase is a joke lad just like your club

  2. not a big fan of all the new man city fans but respect to the ones that went through the tough times! them come up with some class songs:)

  3. You dont know where the term ‘rag’ cpmes from?

    How long have you been a football fan? 5 minutes? This is unbelievable stuff….you lot are pure comedy

  4. Seriously lad get a life. Why would you search for City videos and then comment on them, are you that sad???

  5. Properly obsessed and totally unable to finish a sentence that is complete with full actual words

    Well done for being the typical thick rag.

  6. Love how this is the best footy song going, and the rags know it. Can’t keep your mouths shut can you? Respond to this if you’re a sad and bitter rag..

  7. I’d like to kick that cunt in his face American History X style. What a fucking ugly cunt.

  8. This has been stuck in my head the past couple of days, with me even singing it to myself, and I don’t even support City, I’m a Leeds fan.

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