24 thoughts on “Best Man City and Man United fan reactions to Aguero’s title winning goal”

  1. user/MUTV0fficial?feature=mhee

    Manchester United youtube channel make sure to check it out

  2. ‘suck it, suck it Wayne Rooney’ – Good to know there are respectable, honest and well opinionated Americans out there:)

  3. Manchester city ol da way . . Best season so far . . Love da way ol da red faggots start shittin in dr pants whn balloteli gt da ball hahaha

  4. no im a city fan. oh right misread it thought you were saying that. anyway its completely not true.

  5. I am guessing you are a Utd fan then because my point was that he was saying Man City fans were glory hunters if they weren’t at the game

  6. how about they dont have a ticket or it was sold out or too expensive seeing as it was the most anticipated game of the year! fuck off

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