FUNNY Man City Xmas 2010: players make Christmas cards at Carrington


Online video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “FUNNY Man City Xmas 2010: players make Christmas cards at Carrington”

  1. will atherton

    Johnson face when he shows his card and says merry xmas hahaha classic

  2. poingpoing11

    i heard every man city player got extra creativity in fifa cuz of this

  3. Goldie3Gaming

    Merry Christmas!……… to all fans of MC city.

  4. fenderguitargirl

    There is just something lovely about all those men making Christmas cards ^^

  5. Afique Caliente

    Those MC player was CREATIVE >_<

  6. wanted123hg

    Just love Kolarov!! 🙂

  7. risto475

    liverpool has too

  8. Kerri na Basaria

    I hate the fact that I’m enjoying City’s channel so much T_T But it’s so ridiculously well made.

  9. Assasinator26

    Chelsea has one

  10. misspuffin97

    They really good at arts! Tbh I’m really bad at doing cards..

  11. MattWftw1

    David Silva’s voice is really deep for a little guy lol

  12. mencot89

    love how they laugh each other’s ‘piece of art’ off LOL

  13. AsianAwesome69

    Every premiership team should have a channel like City’s.
    Hate them or not, they have the best channel out of any sports team

  14. AsianAwesome69

    De Jong doesn’t look right with a christmas hat on him lolol

  15. marialuvsya

    Zaba seems like the nicest guy ever. Off the pitch at least :3

  16. Sulo Sulejman

    carlos tevez so dumb. put a ball at his feet, fuckin genius 7.40

  17. Christian Hurtaco

    @MyTube0620 Lmfao

  18. MyTube0620

    OMFG i did it in my pants when is saw Yaya and his card at : 7:20

  19. Joe Reid

    That’s the most work Wayne Bridge has done since joining City…

  20. hamburggirlx3

    ohh richards is soo cute haha i like him, alltough i’m arsenal fan 😀

  21. zCarlVideos

    or as Tevez calls it Merry “aoifnaskjdnajsmdaksf-mas”

  22. axonianForce


  23. flippaton

    holy cow……this scary me

  24. Bezst

    hehehe…retards :)

  25. James Frewin

    Micah Richards is so funny