City vs United The Last 5 minutes of English Premier League 2011-2012


Online video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “City vs United The Last 5 minutes of English Premier League 2011-2012”

  1. terry phidaheights

    while theres points on the table anythings possible! ask king kev….

  2. BeniFromEurope

    man utd is a wannabe inter

  3. BeniFromEurope

    dumbass, you’re from poland , dont brag about being a ac.milan fan lol you lil virgin trendy twat.

  4. Pham Cao Dat

    amazing CITY !!! Shit mu kakakaka

  5. dragon titan

    when we get hit we hit back stronger
    this time last year we were out of champions league,fa cup and 2nd in the premier league. this year top of the league, in fa cup and champions league fighting for a TREBLE!!!!!!!1

  6. dragon titan

    we are too strong this year i mean if real madrid can’t beat us at their home then what chance does city have

  7. benjani2004

    Way united your crap

  8. terry phidaheights

    12 points behind bookies paid out,can we do it for king kev? the metorite appearing! what an omen…..come on city lets do the rags!!!!

  9. terry phidaheights

    12 points behind! bookies paid out !could we do it for king kev? the metorite appearing what an omen!!!!!

  10. SuperMNasta

    Is there anybody who can bring that Manchester City to me? I kinda miss them and I think they lost somewhere…

  11. Justin Brown

    As a QPR fan (I was there) I don’t think QPR gets enough recognition for it’s part in what was a remarkable day. We should have been 5-0 down by the end and it would have made for rather boring TV and Sky wouldn’t have been able to milk it this last year. Solid defending and amazing goal-keeping kept us in it. We equalise with a great goal by Cisse, Barton gets sent off (adding the 5 mins at the end) and we take the lead with a great goal and hold on with 10 men for 20+ minutes. Not an easy task

  12. Dave Hamilton

    12 points 2 bookies paying out sound familiar come on city id bloody love it and that from a villa fan

  13. rinleez

    I think the Liverpool – Miland champions league final is on pair with this one 😉

  14. rinleez

    Need a dictionary?

  15. BillOnDemand

    I’m a united fan, and that last 10 minutes was incredible, I went from singing with joy and pride too crying with disparity. But I shall never forget it and fairplay is all I can say to city. That experience made us a better team and we are stronger as a unit than we have been for a very long time. I can’t wait to tell my children about that day in the future as I shall never forget it. Just hearing the “aguerooooooooo” makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But thank you man city as t

  16. Jack Morgan

    Absolutely incredible moment :’)

  17. TheShah112

    Lol dise city fans a halarious mdafucking jokass u lil was givind da cup by lick u cnt nw fuck off wr comin back for our cup hahahahhahhaha 3-1 saint taught hus da bitchhhh u over paied fuckas

  18. Beatonio

    I’m not a City fan, nor a United fan. Don’t like either of them. But this was the greatest moment in the game that I can remember. What a finish to the season, and a climax that none of us will ever see the like of again.

  19. maka2k11

    Not now haha 12 points clear #MUFC

  20. maka2k11

    They can fucking forget about it this year haha 12 points now its all ours 😀 #MUFC

  21. Orzahtation

    best day of my life <3

  22. Samcro4312

    I hate man u.
    I hate man city.

    However i’m glad utd will win it this year because they are a real club with history. All that Aguero carry on? Ballo fuckin telli? Not under Sir Alex’s watch and thats the difference.

    Trust me, i am from Govan just like him and you can never beat him.

  23. dotties123

    Oi fergie will be having a party!

  24. dotties123

    Frank swifts family would love that comment!

  25. terry phidaheights

    dont start wanking yet! runwaylicker!!!