Football Manager 2014 | #34 | Manchester City & Tottenham Hotspur


Online video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Football Manager 2014 | #34 | Manchester City & Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. PriceyHD

    Docks, you really don’t understand how much this community appreciates you!
    Don’t ever feel bad about YouTube, you get very few haters, but ignore them
    when you do! I just can’t keep up with your uploads!

  2. Vettel F1

    Well done Docks. I’m glad you could grab that point against Tottenham. Keep
    the good work :D

  3. Lec sjfsadk

    Three videos per week of FM when you have 2 FIFA series going up? This is
    amazing. When you said you’re not going to upload FM as much as before I
    thought there will be only 1 or 2 videos a week but 3!? I love you man, you
    are the best FIFA youtuber out there no doubt about it.

  4. ewan popple

    I kinda want you to sign Timmy Cahill probably wouldn’t get into the team
    much but it’s Timmy Cahill for gods sake

  5. docks
  6. Z21293

    When you go down to ten men, just play it wide and high tempo, no chance
    you will ever control a game with a man down. 

  7. Kevin Vadakkel

    Ohhhhh, if only this series got more views!

  8. Joonki Jung

    I don’t think berbatov or eto’o have played a game this season

  9. Username

    How do you know if a player is home grown? Can you scout it?

  10. Ryan Browniee

    I love you videos and I really love your football manger series keep it up

  11. SMALTV

    Honestly I think that docks’ FM series is better than the FIFA one, can’t
    wait for FM15 hope it’s a long-term series

  12. delval3269

    This series is amazing 

  13. Ethan Tongue

    Thank you docks for not being a prick who uploads like 2-3 videos per week
    like most of the “big” youtubers !

  14. EnvyHD

    Docks you are amazing in terms of uploading consistently, I can’t keep up!

  15. bloodyuser

    Love you docks! #FullHomo

  16. Lourenço Fonseca

    why aren’t you getting more recognised???????

  17. Paul Sveg

    I never enjoyed a YouTuber like that, except PewDiePie and Game Theory. You
    should have at least 30 million subs. 

  18. Bruno Nunes

    That last minute drama though. This series is great i’m really enjoying it.
    Great Work !
    Im hoping you do a FM series in FM 2015 aswell :)

  19. Ceebwy

    What are the plans for when FM15 comes out?

  20. Erik Andreas Paulson

    If you hold ctrl you can select several players to save time when doing

  21. Dries Raets

    love the series

  22. Jimmy Neutron

    Best youtuber who produces quality and quantity by far!

  23. The Alpaca Master

    This series is AWESOME!

  24. Jako Man utd

    Docks look at how little views u get on FM compared to FIFA

  25. Markus Freberg

    who has been your favorite player in this carrer?