Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge Part 18 – European Domination-ish


Online video Ranking: four / five

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16 Responses to “Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge Part 18 – European Domination-ish”

  1. Nathanial Johnson

    Oh and Toff i recommend signing´╗┐ Will Hughes and James Ward-Prowse ­čÖé

  2. Nathanial Johnson

    It really fucks me off when you score and it says goal kick, has that´╗┐ happened to you?

  3. pembo3000

    great stuff toff and am a man utd fan lol´╗┐

  4. Max Lambert

    Could you show us any possible signings for Janurary/summer transfer window? Would love to see that! Keep up the´╗┐ awesome series, loving it! YOU LEDGE!

  5. dpt8544skittles

    the reason some have a line when it’s on none´╗┐ is because its showing the stat increase of the training focus

  6. trezer23

    I would love too play you on football manager because you an absolute ledge and i like the way on your channel you try to appeal to the viewers with a variety of games´╗┐ and you think more of your viewers along with what you will enjoy yourself

  7. trezer23

    a good thing which could help too get rid of your players faster is to employ a director of football a good one like and you can set it on the staff settings i think it is where you put your dof on looking to find your players on the transfer list a new club and usually when you offer them too clubs it usually sorts it out pretty well for you as you can set the asking´╗┐ price of what you will want for the player etc

  8. Johnnie Walker

    Do like a´╗┐ month between videos, or 2 months. Just regular incriments

  9. Johnnie Walker

    I was´╗┐ playing a game with Carlisle against Portsmouth. I scored 3 goals, none disallowed, but drew 1-1

  10. MrDanroz97

    I would love to play you as i love these videos and love playing´╗┐ FM and I think we could have a good game and maybe check out some of my fm vids ­čÖé also dont mind going on mic if u want

  11. jobsj1997

    Play more´╗┐ games in between episodes

  12. xXJimXJimXx

    it´╗┐ looks like you were 4-0 up and then they scored the pen

  13. V TorreZ

    Wow fm predicts the future! In´╗┐ the beggining it says that Man U wins the 2013 title ­čśŤ

  14. ProHulst0sHD

    3:19´╗┐ you had 13 shots, 1 on target ­čść

  15. danfitzarsenal

    Why´╗┐ all ZE dislikes???

  16. leemarkcrowie

    Great´╗┐ vid