Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge Part 14 – A Little Slip


Video clip Score: five / five

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19 Responses to “Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge Part 14 – A Little Slip”

  1. haighyorkie

    no the cut off point is 26, if they are 26 at the start of registration at
    the beginning of the season then it doesn’t matter if they turn 27 I can
    still use them but at the end of the season I have to sell them

  2. Martin Jagger

    You have balotelli

  3. wairey17

    Have you checked out Nick Powell – a centre/attacking mid. I’ve signed him
    for Spurs (along with Paul Pogba) and he’s amazing. I’m writing this whilst
    watching ep 2 but I wanted to get ahead 🙂

  4. Mark Lever

    You should buy Ali ahmada in goal to replace hart

  5. nufcalways1

    Dzeko isn’t a poacher

  6. Jean0987654321

    grab a youth regen

  7. polington3220

    since you are buying goalkeepers up to 21, are going to be keeping them
    past 27 because they peak around the 30 mark?

  8. Matt Lloyd

    balotelli may play better as a poacher with such bad workrate, if your
    forced to play him try setting him as a poacher, or loan him out and make a
    profit in a few years time

  9. MadSister101

    Had a look on a “wonderkids” shortlist for a striker and these are the
    players I found: Ademilson – Sao Paulo £5.5m (release clause) Leo Bonatini
    – Cruzeiro Hope this helps!

  10. 1889BLADE1889

    Loving the FM Toff!

  11. Humphreys2k9

    I signed parades for Liverpool and he kept Gerrard out the team

  12. Josh Dyson

    how do you get all the players stats on one page like, nationality goals
    age value rating etc? like at 08:20

  13. Josh Bromley

    preferred pentagon challenge

  14. Conor Elliott

    toff you should look at buying sterling

  15. Gunnawin1998

    Well if u are going to struggle scoring goals the best thing u can do is
    try be a defensive side

  16. KingOfTheKings01


  17. adam noonan

    you dont have to sell edi dzeko at the end of the season because at that
    point he will only be 27. i might just be wrong but i thought you said you
    sell players when they are 28 which is why you still have 27 year old

  18. rockchok

    Should I do this challenge with man utd looks fun.

  19. Daniel Smart

    buy Neymar