25 thoughts on “FIFA 13 | Celebrity Cup”

  1. hey there everyone, I just uploaded first fifa vid. It’s only a short vid cause I want your help being my team. So head over to my channel and leave a comment on which ultimate team you want me to build. It can be anything you want doesnt have to start with golds :)Sorry for advertising on this video I have no other way for getting people to noticed x byeee

  2. Nice vid! Please check out my channel for ultimate team stuff, trading tips, giveaways etc. Giving away neymar on 25th Feb 2013, check out featured vid on my channel guys 😉

  3. EA are currently experiencing problems with their auction house, people are buying/selling players and not receiving the players/money. Send them an e-mail and they will send you whatever you ask for! Eg. Ask for Ibrahimovic IF and 350k, you should get an email back within about an hour. easportsfifa.support@live.co.uk

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