Boys & Girls Club of East LA unveil a new pitch gifted by the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC and MCFC


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18 Responses to “Boys & Girls Club of East LA unveil a new pitch gifted by the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC and MCFC”

  1. mirotic

    MCFC ruining kids lives since 2011.

  2. bosnianpro15

    one of those kids are going to be on man city starting 11

  3. FacepunchChris

    like how you said you were spanish then

  4. PvPeep

    haha, im english, i live in tenerife part of canary islands its awesome and hot, and you have made no sense in this whole discussion :p

  5. FacepunchChris

    lol because you can’t speak english obviously. the fact that you’re from spain makes this whole discussion even more hilarious possibly the most overrated football country in the world.

  6. muzkabeatz

    Please make one here in the PHILIPPINES.. Go Man City , God Bless U.A.E.

  7. PvPeep

    lol your the dumb fuck hahaha, when were we talking about inventions? im talking about football, dont know what planet you live on lol retard, haha fail

  8. FacepunchChris

    lol what a idiot they invented the mousepad, they invented the contraceptive pill color television and lots of other things also, isee like 5 americans in this video gg fagget

  9. cher eenaz

    “even when we have children, they’re gonna play on the field..” Owhh :)

  10. koka3669

    God Bless UAE!

  11. PvPeep

    shut ur faggy mouth, all children there were mexican, i didnt say they were in mexico, and mexico have produced nothing exiting,

  12. FacepunchChris

    Los Angeles = Mexico, makes sense, also Mexico has produced some great players.

  13. NickPwnsUTube

    1:18 is a Mini Aguero

  14. PvPeep

    helping a bunch of mexicans?? who cares about mexicans

  15. lindypsu


  16. 4WayCyclone

    City <3 Thanks for sharing and keep up that good work!

  17. KINGMJ1990

    Appreciate that good quality videos are being uploaded at 360p…Great work..!

  18. sSAINTSsUK

    Great work. Other clubs should do the same