25 thoughts on “Real Madrid Vs Manchester United (1-1) Review | Ronaldo and Welbeck get the goals.”

  1. Don’t listen to the idiots, most people just look at the stats to judge players, and because he doesn’t have a lot of goals ppl think he’s trash… a friend of mine does the same shit, was telling me Phil Jones was shit and has sooo many own goals, then he watched him play Madrid and was forced to eat his words..

  2. Welbeck Isnt Good you say well explain why he is playing for one of the best teams in the world and scored against one of the best teams in the world with one of the best players in the world on their side ? 

  3. Na don’t think you’re stupid but I strongly disagree with your opinion it isn’t well supported or backed up therefore making it a bad opinion and it’s such a bad one it makes you look stupid.

    I mean you are calling Danny Welbeck one of the best strikers in the world. I know it is not all about stats and goals but 2 goals in his last 28 club matches, come on.

  4. lol are you proud that you corrected me on youtube? Well done. Liverpool fan? Even worse. You dirty scouser.

  5. You’re* haha, I’m a Liverpool fan. you’re probably a chav. I’m a mate of Joe’s..

  6. De gea has played amazingly this season, better than hart and maybe better than cech

  7. Referee was terrible de gea was beast , kagawa poor , jones incredible , ronaldo di maria ozil a huge threat rafa poor first half second half improved alot
    welbeck fantastic goal and work rate

  8. Sorry but danny welbeck 2 goals this season and he’s world class O_o nah don’t think so

  9. i want to see arsenal and united do well in the champions league. i hate how the la liga and bundesliga supporters think that the epl is shit and love proving them wrong. frankly, i hope that 5th place arsenal destroy munich.

  10. i think welbeck was great, tirelessly running in behind the madrid backline and helping united build possession/counters, and did well for his goal, but world class might be stretching it.

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