MCFC v QPR at Slainte, Baltimore – Aguero scores


Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “MCFC v QPR at Slainte, Baltimore – Aguero scores”

  1. orizinal86

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 웃기다

  2. clarkie005

    hahaha the rags are cunts worldwide it seems…..

  3. akkster90

    How can i put this across “poetically” to my fellow mancs and man utd fans….an errr American united fans. I WAS ABOUT TO SHOOT MY LOAD EVERYWHERE TIL THAT CUNT SERGIO AGUERO SCORED!!.. boy did i get pissed that night. i was like that red at the front.. beer now lots of it!!

  4. Christopher Warren

    Can you spot those two utd fans sitting down at the back? That blond woman trying hard to keep it held in. lol

  5. UKcraigant

    Lmao look at that united fan! Class

  6. clarkie005

    look at the fat rag!!!!

  7. arsenalisthebest2010

    luckily those man untd fans were not abused ahaha

  8. LautiiNoTeVaguero

    there are another two in the background

  9. ransisua

    prop to those two united fans. lol

  10. uraniumgrenadeable

    I love the United fan ordering a drink straight away.

  11. Rob Kavanagh

    Guy with the Berbatov shirt… that is all…

  12. maxredbin

    yep , whine made from sour grapes ha ha ha

  13. pleb88smoggie

    eh?? i never said anything about brisbane and theres no bias or rivalry as dont sapport city or man u

  14. MaccaTheYido

    haha that old guy on the right had stopped celebrating then saw everyone else still jumping around so started bouncing on his own. Brilliant haha

  15. blazertaser

    Yes, i live in brisbane and for about 15 years we’ve had a solid foundation of supporters across the city and Gold Coast. Put aside rivalry and bias and welcome new knowledge.

  16. TheMainhain

    The United guy is like: give me the fucking check so i can get the fuck out of here

  17. communicationbdown92

    haha and the random Chelsea fan celebrating as well.

  18. communicationbdown92

    There’s actually four of them. Look in the behind the crowd at 0:47 Lady and her husband both in red jerseys, can barely see her husband but you can tell.

  19. pleb88smoggie

    so your telling us that u could see things like this a bar in america full of city fans 10 years ago hahaha dowt it

  20. AJ S

    Even that chelsea fan at the back is celebrating. I think every team bar united was celebrating :L

  21. 210bus

    The Two man ure fans at the bar and the lady at the back can’t get their bills paid quick enough. Brilliant to watch

  22. wilki31

    I hope they bought those Man U fans sitting at the bar a drink!

  23. jorgen1990

    Hahaha look at the Champion of Europe trolling on the Man U fans.

  24. zarakhast

    Berbatov’s a fine player. What a waste of a career !

  25. whatsthestory92

    two man u fans surrounded by city fans lol