25 thoughts on “MCFC 2011 Review – TUNNEL CAM Top 10”

  1. Who the fuck are history united i dont think so atleast they didnt spend millions and millions on player ohhh and also the players wages absolute overarated united better than city end of yeh cant base a club who have millions over a club who have won coutless trophies how many times have city won the champions league 0 CHAMP19NS

  2. well it’s up to them if they want to live in the past and spunk themselves over history or live now where we are the champions

  3. i wish my club bayern would have that, you city fans are lucky, im not a fan but love watching it

  4. Its not gay united are! Hi sam btw. Matt says its a gay song cos he is just jealous his team haven’t discovered fire yet

  5. lol at #1.
    #2, that’s why Tevez doesnt like manchester.
    oh, and those tunnel cam scenes where the players are stripping off after the game should at least make the cut 😛

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