Mario Balotelli Penalty Goal – Manchester City Vs Borussia Dortmund (1-1)


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24 Responses to “Mario Balotelli Penalty Goal – Manchester City Vs Borussia Dortmund (1-1)”

  1. Hinikuna

    It’s just what every keeper does… Unsettling the striker and helpful with the reaction.

  2. BQuillaDood

    you’re welcome good sir.

  3. jarek nathoo


  4. tillach5

    oh really? I didnt know that! thank u for the information!!

  5. jalal ali

    0:04 you will not get that penalty you loser , 0:37 I got the penalty , BITCH.

  6. BQuillaDood

    weidenfeller said something intimidating to balotelli before the kick, he then celebrated with is hand expressing he talked too much. hero! haha!

  7. MrAzizVEVO

    0:04 Idiot Goalkeeper telling Mario Balotelli he can’t score a penalty against him, what an idiot

  8. Serk4MiGs

    Well, Manchester city rly dont derserve this draw . Dortmund fuck them so hard

  9. Casillas IF

    I would’ve saved that. Easily

  10. radick09

    and where is man city? 

  11. Mario Balotelli

    You will never save my penalties.

  12. Eysha Sam


  13. Remcoo038

    Balotelli will never miss a penalty

  14. abrahamzaani11111111

    no size

  15. vegebrewer13

    not a chance

  16. TrueJaguarPaw

    Confidence not arrogance

  17. Harry Macdonald

    Balotelli is the best penalty taker EVER!

  18. outlawboy88

    after ibra the best penalty striker

  19. Casillas IF

    mate if i was in goals i would’ve saved that

  20. Angel Barahona

    Balotelli is the Boss of modern soccer 😀 (not saying he’s the best tho)

  21. Joel Paul

    grow up feller 😛

  22. justLNk

    weidenfeller epic fail

  23. Andi Wirawan

    you’re so funny!

  24. TracelessVideos

    hahah shit weidenfeller being a cunt. I’ve always hated him