Manchester City vs Manchester United (1-0) Full Highlights 02/11/2014 ~ BPL [HD]


Online video Ranking: 3 / 5

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13 Responses to “Manchester City vs Manchester United (1-0) Full Highlights 02/11/2014 ~ BPL [HD]”

  1. Zhou

    Lol Felaini sucks, no wonder they got eliminated by awesome argentina,
    these belgium guys should go play beach volley

  2. Frank Gallagher

    It’s funny how city only won cause smalling got a red card and because of
    that city think there sick 

  3. Elmarxiano Mars

    u video sucks, tu video apesta

  4. Jack6192004

    bad quality of video….cant even see where’s the ball

  5. djnntt

    Good video, thankyou

  6. Mariana Colodrovschi

    I dont understand why doesnt LVG use the team he used in pre season ? They
    were so damn good.

  7. dedi andika sihombing

    club favorite saya man .city

  8. Gerardo Uribe

    Amazing David De Gea. This could be far worst wihtout him. 

  9. Span Bob

    Stupid camere

  10. I Putu Myartawan

    Even game…… mu is juxt unlucky

  11. Kiki Djay

    Highclass match
    Poor camera

  12. Enolu Sam

    A very poor video

  13. Will .Freeman

    2:15 fucking dive