Manchester City vs Bayern Munich 3-2 2013 All Goals and Full Highlights (HD) 720p


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25 Responses to “Manchester City vs Bayern Munich 3-2 2013 All Goals and Full Highlights (HD) 720p”

  1. Henri Fakhouri

    watching this thinking it was last day’s game but it turns out it’s from

  2. fakod sai

    Good job ManCity

  3. Metal spin

    i’m happy to see man city anal raped bayern in their own stadium,
    thanks for milner goal giving vital winner for man city. and fuck you bayer
    how does bayer munich fans feel

  4. Renato Balducci

    Nel 2010 in finale di UCL e negli ottavi della stagione 2010/11, l’Inter
    riuscì a battere in finale il Bayern e, poi, ad eliminarlo nella partita di
    ritorno a Monaco, perché era molto più forte in difesa e aveva uno dei
    migliori portieri in circolazione. Una corazzata come
    quella Bavarese, non può condurre 2-0 e farsi raggiungere e poi superare.
    Devo dire che, la terza rete del City, sembra nascere da un cross da
    posizione irregolare.

  5. Final flash

    that fucking commentator STFU mute this shit 

  6. Arun Chandel

    The video is carp 

  7. beesonit

    So no hard feeling Bayern right? Let us win our next match vs you plzzz

  8. يزيد العمري

    above all madrid the best

  9. kingrobinho77

    milner got an assist
    milner won the penalty for equaliser
    milner scored winner at allianz arena

  10. GrammarOGs

    Amazing in the 93 min, Man City took of their entire team with the time
    still going.

  11. thi nguyen

    At least bi Munich beat man city more

  12. David Serna

    gotze was oside milner dived though

  13. Soufiane Ouldamar

    fuck bayern love man city

  14. BulletTime

    Amazing! Respect from Napoli.

  15. Yameli Rodriguez

    minute 0:1 cristiano ronaldo what

  16. Kelechi Osuoji

    Happy birthday pellegrini fuck bayern*singing

  17. Rainy Ibra

    this gives me hope that city can at least make the semis

  18. Viper28 TO

    we love you city ! we do ! without aguero,kompany,clichy and nasri we did
    well. lol suprised milner done something but then again this guy runs his
    heart out for our club

  19. beesonit

    Whoever edited this should seriously consider committing suicide.

  20. Jefferson Moordenaar

    And the same shit happened again this year…

  21. MrBananabart


  22. Super super HINS

    com on city

  23. MacKenzie Crawford

    Milner dived cost us the game, but we were offside all is fair

  24. Amin Mansour

    Guys this isn’t the game from yesterday. This game is from last year.

  25. Doni Apriadi

    yasalam mario gotze