23 thoughts on “Man City Celebrate”

  1. Thats a bit like saying if you win the Champions league final on penalties it doesn’t count ha

  2. Brilliant loyal mancunian fans! Have alot of respect for city fans they used to take loads down to plymouth argyle

  3. All the Liverpool fans cheering on City because they know they’ll never win anything again. lol. maybe the carling cup. hahahaah coybs!!!!

  4. city are back theyve never been good until thier owner came in and threw all his money into there club when they were rubbish

  5. Im a Pool fan , and I cheered sooooo fuckin loud when aguero scored the winner against QPR , thx City , not only an amazing moment for you , as well for us , ur still our rivals but at that moment I felt so happy like never before…

  6. Theres one problem mate…neither me, nor anybody else anywhere gives a toss what you think about anything, your a nobody

    Buzz buzz mr fly, you bore me

  7. you won by GD thats champions ? ehh i dont think so hmu tho, again when you have our trophies 

  8. You come on City videos on youtube to anonymously have a whinge to try to make yourself feel better after not winning the league and completing the worst end-of-season collapse in English football history…THAT is sad

  9. I wonder what Blackburn supporters must think of United fans who complain that City bought the title.

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