Jose Mourinho questions FFP of MC

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has questioned the FFP commitment of Manchester City after they brought in Wilfried Bony for close to £ 30 million from Swansea. City were found guilty of breaching the FFP regulations in the first period of monitoring.

Clubs were allowed to make only around £ 45 million in losses even with the backing from rich benefactors. City breached this limit for the first period of monitoring. They were given several sanctions and a hefty penalty fee for failing to comply with the regulations. The second period of FFP will see clubs allowed only around £ 30 million of losses over three years.

Given that City failed to meet even the first period of monitoring, they are odds-on favourites to fail for a second time given that they have not reduced to their wage bill substantially. Apart from costing £ 30 million, Bony will earn around £ 100,000 per week in wages. This signing has been made possible because City allowed the 21-year-old defender, Nastasic, to join Schalke on a loan deal that is expected to be made permanent for £ 13 million in the summer. Mourinho, though, says that clubs that comply with the FFP – like Chelsea – do not seem to have an advantage over those that do not comply.

“Good striker. If [City] have the money & no problems with FFP, well done.They can only play with 11 unless the rules are different for them. It looks like they are in certain aspects. You know what I mean. I’ll be happy if nobody leaves and nobody comes but the market is open so you never know,” said Mourinho about Chelsea’s own transfer policy for this January transfer window and the signing of Bony. The Ivory Coast international has scored nine league goals this season.