INSIDE CITY 58 – Balotelli goes blond


Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 58 – Balotelli goes blond”

  1. JJChips2000

    12:24 lol

  2. Harry Parker


  3. Kin hawk

    We’ll miss you balotelli ;__;

  4. KeizMao8

    8:09 ”Porca puttana quella troia n… ” ahahha

  5. KeizMao8

    Welcome to A.C.Milan !

  6. danielsolomos

    13:12 “F*** OFF GUYS, F*** OFF!”

  7. greenpickle ad


  8. greenpickle ad

    lol it was a cala ahHh

  9. MrBretilix

    Freeze it at 3:50. This is what is making football a disgusting game.

  10. mark de haan

    3:00 Goalkeeper get pain on his hand

  11. iammatte92

    8:06 “porca puttana di quella troia”

  12. mo3545

    Balotelli left 🙁

  13. Jurmey Tobgye

    watching them practice almost makes them seem human

  14. TheLeFTeM

    MILAN ….ooooooo balotelliiiiiii

  15. Victor de carvalho

    Welcome to AC Milan.

  16. jay chul

    lol :))

  17. buzo584

    Benvenuto al AC Milan!!!! e fai il bravo per una volta

  18. Alvin Bertz

    at 12:35 Samir Nasri to Ballotelli “It looks like youre wearing a….helmet” hahaha

  19. seodongjunecool

    4:33 oh my fucking god

  20. Ali Koksal

    Milners lobbed finish top corner was naughty

  21. Christian Prothon

    When the first team was training, i saw a smaller man and i thought it was a youngster from the youth team or something, but then later on i realized it was David Silva.

  22. Kaleed Frederick

    No we’ll leave your comment and show how ignorant of a person you are. Have a good day sir. 🙂

  23. ilgrise91

    He told him to attack the near post on a teammate’s cross.

  24. Derpzable

    Sure you are…. =)

  25. Johan Gudmundsen

    jon guidetti FUTURE SWEDEN