INSIDE CITY 47: Balotelli penalty practise & Javi in Abu Dhabi


Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 47: Balotelli penalty practise & Javi in Abu Dhabi”

  1. bebe rico

    Im not a fan of Machester City but they have the best youtube channel ever 😛

  2. IbraVibraPippo

    why is Garcia training like that in abu dhabi? is he injured or something?

  3. 94Hussain

    I bet Javi was thinking… the weather is fucking good here screw Manchester I’m moving here

  4. King Gambiano

    And every keeper falls for it lol!

  5. SyndromePossum

    Lol 1:28 that kid, whats he looking at with his stomach like that?

  6. dcfcdannyboy92

    when Balotelli takes a pen he doesn’t even look at the ball, just waits for the keeper to edge one way then rolls it the other. Such tekkers

  7. Abdulla al neaimi

    why is practice spelled practise in the title?

  8. Ruskilaxi

    if you have google chrome as your browser, try adding the youtube ad-blocker. I never have to watch any commercials!

  9. RkoAhrims

    Haha yaya and kolo singing the toure song

  10. Hipster Luna

    what’s a soccer ball? is that a new sport?


    @Aussiex77x football*

  12. Kanea Richardson

    what type of bike is the guy riding on at 15:14

  13. Karoomiii

    Respect to the brave kid who brought a Chelsea football with him! 01:17

  14. JackArtStudios


  15. Nanna0708

    “Saleem, Saleem… Ya habibi ”
    Hahahahahahahah awesome.

  16. David tierney

    Ballotelli is just like pressure … whats pressure

  17. KingOfTheTown1997

    Love Micah

  18. boomerpeelz

    14:05 Pablo gangnam style
    Kolo is great

  19. Juanito1223

    In that part the trainer actually does talk italian.. probably because he is italian.. Javi however can understand him as Spanish and Italian are both romanic languages..

  20. 3Lsurftac0

    Micah Richards is a proper mate, what a lad

  21. onlycreate1

    Football mate. We don’t approve of the word soccer here.

  22. Liam Rushe

    3:20 Kid Photographer? 

  23. Matthewzaur Y

    11:20 What’ch u talkin bout chavi ?

  24. Cristian Trujillo

    Dude that’s Javi Garcia and there not speaking italian, there speaking spanish…it’s just cause the audio kinda sucks in that part.