24 thoughts on “INSIDE CITY 47: Balotelli penalty practise & Javi in Abu Dhabi”

  1. I bet Javi was thinking… the weather is fucking good here screw Manchester I’m moving here

  2. when Balotelli takes a pen he doesn’t even look at the ball, just waits for the keeper to edge one way then rolls it the other. Such tekkers

  3. if you have google chrome as your browser, try adding the youtube ad-blocker. I never have to watch any commercials!

  4. In that part the trainer actually does talk italian.. probably because he is italian.. Javi however can understand him as Spanish and Italian are both romanic languages..

  5. Dude that’s Javi Garcia and there not speaking italian, there speaking spanish…it’s just cause the audio kinda sucks in that part.

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