INSIDE CITY 40: Transfer Exclusive: Garcia, Maicon, Sinclair and Nastasic


Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 40: Transfer Exclusive: Garcia, Maicon, Sinclair and Nastasic”

  1. Josip Cvitković

    Yees haha

  2. oblidi123

    dzeko seems like a dick

  3. Sklar Gro

    5:43 hahahahahah, pravi Bosanaz!

  4. Liam Rushe

    10:08 ??

  5. OhDrexmz12

    Nastasic was the only good buy last transfer window!

  6. jerrenism

    epic fail

  7. InSAnExReApeZ

    nasri and hes bench still a better love story than romieo and juliet

  8. ameer mahfouz

    8:41 joe hart the only one who sticks his tongue out

  9. Giorgi Geldiashvili

    20:16 balloteli: this is messi,iniesta,chavi and sanchez 😀

  10. ThumpsUpOrDie

    10:29 wow, how many times did he say “you know” in that little sentence..?

  11. Gregory House

    5:10 Džeko in the background saying : smileeee

  12. MasterSnipinism

    scot sinclair : y’know y’know y’know

  13. AmptiShanti

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  14. wackawacka14

    id still fuck her

  15. George Lee

    the camera woman’s a bitch

  16. Adrian Irving

    Just like school.

  17. MarcusRonaldo1

    20:16 Balotelli ” this is Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Sanchez” hahahahah

  18. MarcusRonaldo1

    white guy askin Maicon “You well?”
    Maicon ” no english “

  19. JordysVoice

    @TheMrSouthie Lol cashri haven’t heard that one before! (united fan)

  20. Demork13


  21. Declan Conlan


  22. 22Ulteriorswen

    20:15 haha

  23. luiz felipe

    best team in fifa 13

  24. Tom Even Larsen

    i cant believe balotelli finally figured out how to wear a bupp.

  25. hallohallo40