INSIDE CITY 21: Richards and Lescott – NFL Superbowl showdown HD


Online video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 21: Richards and Lescott – NFL Superbowl showdown HD”

  1. bob analhair


  2. Alex Ugbo

    doesn’t change the fact that he is a cunt for what he did to welbeck

  3. bhindme

    I laughed my arse off at lescott and richards

  4. love evol

    03:55 is that Ibrahimovic’s face cut off and pasted on stuart taylor? lol

  5. Peter Sam

    Yuss man the real NFL team jerseys are very expensive but I found a very
    dope company that gives this years the NFL jerseys out completely free!

  6. Curry0997

    and yet liverpool fans are accused of being rasict by united

  7. Claus Dicovskiy


  8. ViPxUnToUcHaBlE

    @IXIAdRiaNIXI i don’t mind oxlade chamberlain being a good player … it
    can onlt be good news for england :S

  9. GHash

    Same, he even bought a house in manchester and brough his family and was

  10. Joe Field

    hahah brummys ahah

  11. fenderguitargirl

    I love Richards! And I miss De Jong!

  12. The Dutchly

    micah is hilarious

  13. soupygeorgeable

    Micah is suh a laugh, he can’t do a serious photo in his dreams!

  14. Matthew Lovel

    6-1 u glory supporting cunt

  15. Reggie May

    8.16 he says dench !!! haha

  16. zM4TTYY

    Richards is hilarious haha

  17. hashem chehouri

    fuck u

  18. Prince dareal

    i wish only one language exist

  19. noseynose1

    david pizarro looks like miniature Kolarov hahaha

  20. Luca220392

    3:10 The smile on Mario’s face… What has he done this time? 😀

  21. Utsegi

    Actually surprised Lescott got a decent spiral on that! Shame he ain’t go
    no accuracy though!

  22. fashemoi02

    Micah’s laugh xD

  23. Longfire

    I love how mario always comes out of that door with a huge smile xD

  24. Melissa Limenyande

    @faayzal Omg! same here I’m also a man u fan>I wish MUFC would do this as
    well.I used to not like the mcfc players but this channel really changed my
    perspective on them,so hilarious

  25. LiamJL

    They have such a good life