FUNNY Bloopers – City 2011 Review


Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “FUNNY Bloopers – City 2011 Review”

  1. Michael L

    Who’s the girl?

  2. Gabstab

    ahhhh mancini such a laugh. deserved n1 hahaha

  3. SWEENY023


  4. TigerMilitia

    That christmas one was epic when i saw it a few weeks ago.

  5. andyt5303

    Inside Mario sounds like the best idea ever, GET ON IT!

  6. camato79

    F… booooring!!!!

  7. Sanjeev Athiberan

    not a city fan but fuck me natalie pike is hot!

  8. Samc123456

    mich richards is a lad! what a great guy to have around the place. plus hes
    the best RB in the league.

  9. MrFoper

    too much talk!

  10. Wyatt Pilcher

    How hot is this girl?

  11. 0Jolene

    Scully! 😀

  12. Trishul Vikram

    I support the chick,Balo Cam!

  13. Given137

    Hart’s Tunnel cam parts always make me laugh :L

  14. Andres Madsen

    shit, he got’s Dumbo ears 10:34 :O

  15. Alexandra Hughes

    Mario definitely deserves his own show. Balo-telly!

  16. vibezz1000

    Please do an Inside Mario


    @hizoku12 Natalie Pike

  18. watfordlad4life

    Natalie Pike would get absolutely smashed

  19. GreenBrigade88

    07:19 I think “Inside Natalie” would be a much better programme, to be
    fair! 😉

  20. Brian Kelley

    that girl is a babe!!

  21. eamon mcgarvey

    come on! though this was funny!…just wasted 10 mins.

  22. LozzaBurger

    I luvs Natalie Pike

  23. Shiva SG

    hey man comment professionally on commercial channel. don’t reply like
    rogue.if u want to fuck someone go for some call girls..this is for BLUE
    FANS not for a mad like u


    But she’s got fat legs. Unfortunately

  25. Chon Ting Liew

    I wonder who comes from Italy and manages man city…..