4 thoughts on “Football Hooligans – Man City Vs. Tottenham”

  1. yes u can you’d have to go to spurs ticket office to get it though and u
    migth no be able to get tickets for it depending on what game it is arsenal
    chelsea and all the other london clubs plus man u and liverpool owuld be
    hard to get tickets for i would recommend somehwere like blackburn you will
    laways get tickets for that game but spurs have got a very good home
    atmosphere maybe everton aswell cos everton fans are quality and so are
    spur fans

  2. o what a game i was sitting about 5 rows in front of u and about 30 seats
    to the left !COYS! e i e i e i o off to wembley there we go once we get
    there we will sing harry redknapp harry redknapp harry is our king harry is
    our king harry redknapp harry redknapp harrys is our king

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