25 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE David Silva: #askdavid Man City midfielder answers a series of fan tweets”

  1. foreigners taking over you blood! just because of lazy,benefit bound people like you. go jerk yourself off imagining your gul getting fucked by some foreigners…stupid. (my apologise to the rest,this senseless stupid called me foreigner for my pic)

  2. as a united fan i have to say david silva is a genius if he was playing for barca and madrid he would be classed as the best midfielder in the world right now

  3. probably you are right! for 20k/week I will do anything….but still language is just an add one in this case!

  4. actually..cr7 speaks good english and yes Lamps speaks Spanish. He is one of the most educated players around. I mean, hell if i’m getting paid 100.000-200.000 dollars per week i’ll learn ANY language for fuck’s sake

  5. fuck off assholes, who ever want players to learn English!!!! arrogant bastards,living on state benefits,state funded education,state funded medcal services…..etc..etc.. these people made their lives by learning how to play football. you have the luxury of time.not to silva tevez,kun..cr7,messi. they learnt what they doing. can gerrard,lamps speak spanish or Portuguese??still they are not as class as silva or kun at what they supposed to do!!

  6. After watching moest of these it seems like its awesome to play for Man City, the players seem really nice.

  7. It’s depressing to learn that he doesn’t speak English. But yes, he’s stunningly cute. Seems a very nice guy.

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