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  1. I’m a united fan but you can quite clearly see Mansour is far more capable of making shrewd, long-term investments than abramovich.

    And also the UEFA FFP rules thankfully mean this kind of investment is more likely to happen. I really hope kids can play on that community field, that would be really nice.

  2. but in england only the biggest talents make it in the netherlands they make the talents better by letting them play in the firsst squad
    but i hope for england that man city will be close to ajax so they can finally develop more great players

  3. But that’s what having a good loan system does, doesn’t it? City are tying up with many clubs. Look at Guidetti at Feyenoord, his year there helped him didn’t it? Now he is ready for some Premier League football and City will loan him to a PL club in January for 6 months.

  4. but the difference is that in amsterdam they get a chance to play in the first squad and that is what makes them ebetter
    but a 19 y o striker from the acedemy from machester city will not get a chance bnecause thers are 6 playerm for tht position that are better than him
    thats why the dutch that stay with ajax will get bigger like sneijder and v d vaart
    but al tose talents that go to english clubs fail and then go to a club in the second division

  5. Really impossible to know how good the academy will be. Give it 10 years and we will see, they are building a legacy here and have studied every top academy and taken the best ideas from each one. Rumour has it that the former Barcelona director of youth is going to be in charge of it too.

  6. but it will never be the same as de toekomst
    because every club has come to the de toekomst butonly barca is as good (because it was build by ajax players)

  7. City sent people all over the world including to Ajax’s academy before finalising plans for this academy.

  8. englisch football clubs should come to holland and watch how you do make talents into great players

  9. i don;t care about how this will benefit City. But hopefully this and st. Georges park will make England national team actually win something

  10. Put that list of names up against the likes of Barcelona, Ajax, Sporting, even West Ham (Ferdinand, Lampard, Joe Cole, Terry) and you’ll see how United’s academy has massively underachieved since that one-off golden generation of the early 90s. United have had money and resources beyond almost anyone so where have the players to match Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo, Buffon, and Ronaldinho been in last 15 years? Arsenal, West Ham, and Southampton have produced the best players in England in modern times.

  11. Not a single world class player there except Pique (who is a bit overrated) and the fundamentals of his footballing education came from Barcelona! He was at United for less than 4 years! If you’re going to claim him, are we allowed to claim Ryan Giggs who was stolen from City via some backhanders and bribes by Martin Edwards? Rossi had been in two youth systems before Utd and left because you wouldn’t give him a chance! Claiming players like that is preposterous. And… (continued)

  12. Danny Welbeck, Darren Fletcher, Tom Cleverley, Jonny Evans, Giuseppe Rossi, Craig Cathcart, Magnus Wolff Eikrem, Kieran Richardson, Darron Gibson, Will Keane, Ryan Tunnicliffe, Gerard Piqué. Bear in mind Piqué was a defensive midfielder before he arrived at United.

  13. Richards, Barton, S.Wright-Phillips, B.Wright-Phillips, Sturridge, Ireland, Onouha are just some of the players to come through the ranks in the last 10 yrs. They’ve all played in the Prem. Now that we’re in the money and can buy top players, people automatically think that we have no youth policy. We have one of the best.

  14. Now that City have the resources for comparable infrastructure and resources, you will start to see the results over time. The final product is probably a decade away when the club aims to rival La Masia, the world’s greatest academy, but in the meantime quality will appear simply because the money is now there that City never had that United did for a top infrastructure (training/facilities/coaches) that means better training for young players.

  15. City never had the resources United have for the infrastructure and scouting. Considering the lack of said resources City’s academy has done quite well, in fact it’s a statistic that more City players have made their Premier League debut than any other academy. Unfortunately the level City are at now means the academy has to catch up (see the above video) but City have some of their best academy talents since the academy opened on the books right now (like John Guidetti).

  16. The first five all came from one golden generation (and Giggs was stolen from City’s school of excellence). Today’s 21 year olds were in nappies when they debuted. Since then who are the world class products? Cleverley? He is nothing compared to the likes of Giggs and Beckham. Since that generation two decades ago it has been underachievement considering their resources. City also produced Sturridge and Shaun Wright-Phillips (Chelsea paid £21million for him) in recent years.

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