Blue Moon, MCFC Champions at Slainte Irish Pub


Online video Rating: five / five

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7 Responses to “Blue Moon, MCFC Champions at Slainte Irish Pub”

  1. Undeniabull

    Haha look at the loud fat guy. He thinks he’s British.


    i bet you would brian you shirt lifting blue twat

  3. bodsnvimto

    YIKES! It’s Friday 13th, so in order to not jinx City’s fortunes and our upcoming campaign, I promise not to spend the night stood under a ladder, smashing mirrors with next door’s black cat.

  4. mancdown

    5 weeks on and my face us starting to ache from all the smiling 🙂 I never quite knew what it would feel like when we finally won the league but it doesn’t half feel good :)

  5. stephen pearson

    superb ………

  6. Archibald Clapperfield

    Love it… being there was irreplaceable but I would love to be stood next to the arse in the Berbatov shirt.

  7. David Thomas

    great vid lads