24 thoughts on “Aguero v QPR goal ! MCFC v QPR”

  1. I’d also rather lose the trophy now than lose it on goal difference while celebrating.

  2. Typical man u fan when you get in an argument with a man city fan you say “FUCK OFF NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE NO HISTORY”. But when Liverpool fans says “we won it five times” you say “shut up stop talking about history”. oh about this game its one of the most exciting game I ever watched…

  3. ah a united fan using history to win an argument, funny that when we do it (liverpool) u say its just history, but against your noisy neighbours (and the only club from manchester) u use history all the time. Hypocrites, celebrated like it was liverpool when Kun scored that goal, greatest EPL moment ever.

  4. I was behind the goal Sergio scored in perfect view… But I can’t remember anything after the goal went in till the game kicked off again. Best day ever

  5. same it couldn’t have gone any better. scum think they have won it then its taken away last second mot

  6. I was so happy for City that day. As a Leeds fan, nothing pleases me more than seeing karma bite Fergie right on the arse lol

  7. City fans just before the goal shitting themselves because they might have to get there old teams shirt out! The glory hunting cunts

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