INSIDE CITY 103 – Negredo and Navas green screen fun


Online video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 103 – Negredo and Navas green screen fun”

  1. TheKingOfTown

    “Blue is better, no?”
    Haha, Clichy. What a class act

  2. xiempie

    Must be annoying for the players with all the cameras around. Clichy
    handled that extremely well though


    Negredo smashing hungry hippos like a boss lol

  4. Luke J

    The Beast killed the Hippo

  5. Joshua Gee

    I’m a chelsea fan.. But these videos are awesome! I’ve had some great
    laughs with these and the fact they’re free is amazing! Man city players
    are great.. Carry on with the quality vids! 🙂 

  6. Bishwo Karki

    kolarov so cocky at times

  7. MoschinoMike

    C’mon kolovrov crack a smile mate

  8. sitting bull

    Fernandinho was totaly uncomftorablw with the situation in the hospital….

  9. MoschinoMike

    The boring Milner account is too funny

  10. artur owit

    sexy Negredo sexy Navas hurray

  11. 101publicenemy

    Clichy is great with kids! :)

  12. Trae Stevens

    what is the song at 1:43 ??!?!?!?

  13. Mutale Malama

    Fair play, Gael Clichy is a top top guy. I’ll even buy him in Ultimate
    Team. Put him in strike too.

  14. Ari Khaytser

    NOOO! Negredo, why did you kill the hippo?!?! JK. lol

  15. Rafael lugo castañeda


  16. donkosaurus

    Negredo seems to likes mince pies more than David Silva

  17. Aashish Thakur

    Best YouTube channel and best club in Europe 

  18. dumaramutsi

    4:23 in spanish “Suck my dick for Christmas!” LMAO Kolarov…what a

  19. HHLlhan

    jesus navas has a childish vibe coming from him

  20. FussbalgottTV

    That makes City much nicer to me!

  21. Yaqoub Esmaeel

    The Santa in Lazio is Klose because Santa Klose pretty close

  22. poolehart

    I hope Kolarov has a long enough playing career in England to justify a
    pundit role with us. Or just his own TV show. 

  23. Fishmenace tacoface

    F2 !!!!

  24. Patricio Araya

    Santa Klose

  25. Toomas Kelo

    Who gave you this? lol they wanted to kick some ass there