Amazing Football Skills – HD


Online video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Amazing Football Skills – HD”

  1. Wojtek Kowalski

    you are the best;)

  2. Michał Ellwart

    I always wanted to have skills that you have.Now I see how look the god of footbal.

  3. William Bengtsson

    maddafacking pjo elit

  4. soccerboys107

    Excellent 😀

  5. 15s0CcErNumBa1

    is that Ball size 4????

  6. Ethan Hughes

    What’s that noise? Oh it’s Jose Mourinho knocking at your door! 🙂

  7. Zohair shanteer

    This is just enjoyable to watch you guys , you are so completed and you are so close to be professional , maybe we will see you in the Sweden first national team 😉

  8. UltraDxLm

    What program do you use ?

    And nice video ;)

  9. RLNebel

    Awesome video, Have you thought of ever putting up some tutorials on some of the stuff you work on…not necessarily a specific move but some ball control practice.

    Keep up the work, hope you go pro some day.

  10. Baran Akbulut

    hahhah i can do better

  11. Matisse Maes

    OMG NICE MAN!!!!!!

  12. JosefJakobElzein

    It´s a great honor to get a compliment of the best freestyler in the world, thanks Gautivity you are amazing! J&J

  13. carloita78wccs

    what’s your favourite italian team?

  14. whosAxez

    Sjukt Grabbar!


  15. JosefJakobElzein

    Haha Thank you man! :D – J&J

  16. knieskopf234

    Why do you force everybody to “Subscribe Now”?!! Just askin´ 🙂

  17. DkoiDanger97

    Joseph ur awesome man

  18. JosefJakobElzein

    thank you so much man! 😀

  19. maxamed osman

    Vem är det?? jacob ellr josef ??

  20. Scyrixus

    What is the goal?

  21. Bruma Aslhey

    yeah if i grow up like you are right know i wanna be like you ! we have shit weather in estonia so our stadium is like ice field so we are skating and shit. But i hope our stadium will warm up and w can play !

  22. JosefJakobElzein

    600 Likes would be awesome! Thank you so much for your great comments! 🙂 -J&J

  23. ankrapek12

    That is some badass humiliation!

  24. CR7tumetintin

    fantastic work but its called futsal 😀

  25. milan fan

    nice video & nice song!!!