Injury may affect Man City’s balance


Before the high voltage match between Manchester United and Barcelona, the hamstring injury of Man city striker Auguero is keeping his team management worried.

The 32 year old striker fell down and received injury in his hamstring during his previous match. While Sergio’s body needs some rest, his team management is considering his fast recovery before the match against Barcelona where Lionel Messi will take on the Manchester City men. According to the injury survey by the Elite Club UEFA, hamstring injury is the most common type of injury among the soccer players across the globe. Experts say that these days, instead of waiting for the time required, the clubs put more pressure on the players and make them bring back on the fields too early after they recover from their injury.

Against Sunderland match in the Capital Cup Sergio received injury at th 57 minutes of the match, now with this injury of an important player, the club has reportedly started worrying and considering taking some effective initiatives to reduce the injury of their players.

If this continues and the player does not become fully match fit to take on Barcelona, then the Manchester City club management will have serious worry over Sergio’s health and thus the striker’s chances to play the world cup matches will also get uncertain.

However, sources close the 28 year old striker said that his will try his best to recover and will give a power pack performance in the 2014 world cup. Auguero’s fans and followers have also wished his fast recovery in different social networking sites. If in form, Sergio Auguero has scored regular goals, be it for his club Manchester City or his team Brazil.

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The manager of Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini, has said that Stevan Jovetic needs to prove his worth at Etihad Stadium in the latter half of the ongoing season.

City had signed Jovetic at the start of the season after paying a big transfer fee of 22 million Pounds to his former club Fiorentina, but, he hasn’t been able to repay that so far and his fitness has a lot to do with that. He has been continuously struggling with his hamstring problem since making his way to City and has featured for his new club in just 5 matches so far.

The last time that Jovetic had played for City was two and half months back in October. That was a Capital One Cup match against Newcastle United and the Montenegro forward had lasted just a few minutes in that game.

Talking to the reporters about Jovetic the other day, Pellegrini said, “No player can be fit for each and every match. I hope that Stevan’s fitness improves this year and we will be able to play him regularly.”

“I am one of those managers who believe their players. If the player is saying that he has got an issue with his muscles, then, he must have that issue.”

“I have got 100% faith in him. My mind might change after a few months, but, at this point of time, I believe that Stevan will be back and he will play a key role for us later in the season.”

The Sky Blues are currently at the second position in the Barclays Premier League points table with 44 points in 20 matches. They are just one point behind the Gunners who have been leading the table right from the start of the season.

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Manchester City returned to form in the best possible manner after a 7-0 win in the Premier league. They thrashed relegation threatened opponents Norwich at the Etihad stadium to move within six points of table leaders Arsenal, who went on to enjoy a 2-0 win over Liverpool on Sunday. The away from of City has been susceptible, but they have been quite brilliant at home. It was once again demonstrated with a high-intensity performance against Norwich. There were seven different positives for Pellegrini in terms of goal scorers. He said after the match that the intensity of the team was giving him a lot of joy.

City’s recent loss against Chelsea had put them in a distant seventh place, which increased the pressure on Pellegrini. City have not finished outside the top two in the last two seasons. Johnson’s own goal after just 16 minutes put City on their way, as they raced to a 4-0 lead within half-time. David Silva, Nastasic and Negredo were the scorers. This great scoreline did not prevent City from relaxing in the second half. They continued their domination with goals from Yaya Touré, Sergio Aguero, and Edin Dzeko.

Pellegrini said that it was normal for the team to relax after such a brilliant first half, but he is happy that his team did not relax.

“It was a really good performance. The team played really well during the 90 minutes, not only the first half. Normally when winning 4-0 at half-time, in the second half a team finish or stop. But the team continued playing exactly the same and that’s very important for me. It is the way we work every day. It is so important for me to see the way I want them to play. They are very good technical players,” said Pellegrini.

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